Thank you for visiting my blog.  I’m told I come from a long line of crafters, artists, comedians, musicians, stone masons, moonshine makers, farm folk and dreamers.  On this blog I will share stories, craft and design ideas, and other random bits of nonsense and inspiration.

A writer I’m not but I look forward to this journey!

PS:  The first person (other than family) who can identify the make of the car my father is sitting on will receive one of my vintage decoupage glass trays.  Good luck!

my creative family peeps: mom, aunt rachel, dad, aunt vera



10 responses to “Welcome

  1. My guess is a 1936 Ford! Checking to see if I can find out for sure….LOVE the angle of this photo, and the way your family is arranged around the car.

  2. Mark great looking blog – I’m excited to see what you are going to share with us. Hope you are doing good.

  3. Wondering about stuff in PA

    I know what it is… but I’m not allowed to say.

  4. I’m not sure about the car, but was your father “Clyde Barrow?

  5. Is it a 1936-38 Ford Tudor?????….Donna Witherow

  6. Desoto? So says my husband!

  7. Hello new friend, is it a Wolseley? Hope all is well! ❤ your fav new server, Amanda

  8. Annie Laurie Meyers

    Love it!

  9. Annie Laurie Meyers

    can’t wait to see all that you share!

  10. So excited to see your flawless crafts ideas and fabulous stories (Mark has the BEST stories… just sayin’) Can’t wait to see more!!

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