And the winner is?

Sample Sheet No. 165

Sample Sheet No. 148

The following challenge was presented on my first post, “Whoever can identify the make of the car my father is sitting on will receive one of my vintage print decoupage glass trays.”  Donna, how did you know the answer?  Christa was a close second so she will receive one of my trays as well.

Any who….as Donna correctly answered, it is a 1936 Ford Standard Tudor Trunk-back Sedan.  Starting in 1935 and continuing into 1936 the Ford Tudors had the first built-in trunks for a Ford car.  Mom loved to shop so I’m sure the trunk was packed.  Also, the original price of this Ford was about $545 and the car weighed 2,718 pounds.

Donna and Christa’s decoupage trays are prints copied from a 1940s Vogue eZe Hang wallpaper sample book.

Oh — A special thank you to my contest auditor (and husband) Andrew for confirming the precise year and make of Dad’s car.


3 responses to “And the winner is?

  1. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me…… Actually have to thank the hubby for helping me… he knew it was a Ford and what year approximately is was and I did the research… Thank you Mark…. Can’t wait….Love the Blog, getting lots of great ideas……

  2. Aw, that’s so great! You rock Mark. 🙂
    Thank you!

  3. Beautiful plates. and congrats to the ladies….
    Wished my son who is now is Korea, would have been here to help me out with an intelligent guess…. Have a great weekend.

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