Autumn Squash Centerpiece

Last weekend Andrew and I took a drive to Froehlich’s Farm in Furlong, PA (say that three times-real fast.)  Every Saturday and Sunday in October, they have their Farm Fall Fest with hayrides, a pumpkin patch, a corn maze (Andrew got lost), yummy food, and lots of activities for the kids including pony rides!

Marc - Shaina - Andrew

Froehlich’s Farm also has a wonderful garden center.  Shaina was kind enough to give me a tray of succulents which were destined for the compost pile.  It’s getting chilly here in the northeast and those poor fellas won’t make it much longer.

Thinking of how to extend their beauty, I created this easy and unique Autumn centerpiece using the shell of a Blue Hubbard Squash as the perfect vase.

  • Simply carve out the squash (or any pumpkin will do)
  • Line the interior of the squash with plastic
  • Insert the succulents (or plant of your choice)
  • Add some Spanish Moss to conceal the plastic and the edges of the cut squash
  • Done!

Add a small amount of water when you can feel the soil drying out but don’t over water.

Happy Autumn!


5 responses to “Autumn Squash Centerpiece

  1. This is such a unique idea… You are amazing… By the way I received my tray and absolutely love it…Donna Witherow

  2. Ooh, what a great way to use plants indoors! I love the festive touch of the squash. 🙂

  3. LOVE THIS and TOTALLY doing this for my Thanksgiving gathering 🙂 If the food isn’t a success at least the decor will be!! Thank you!!

  4. Love the colors on these!

  5. Mark, that is supercool! Wait until Reds sees it!

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