Curly Willow…the twisted beauty

Photographed by Thomas MacDonald

Organic Gardening magazine asked me to whip up a holiday project for their December/January issue using curly willow. I had a blast putting these creations together but in the end, they used the project I slapped together in ten minutes the morning of the photo shoot. It never fails…fast and easy always wins! Check out the story and project ‘how-to’ written by Katie Walker at And don’t forget to subscribe to this wonderful magazine!

Here are two other curly willow projects for you to tackle!

Curly Willow Wreath, Photographed by Thomas MacDonald

The first is a pine wreath with curly willow, pine cones and moss-covered styrofoam balls. You can pick up your supplies for this project at any craft store and for the fresh items, your backyard or local nursery. You’ll need curly willow, pines, pine cones, fresh moss, a wreath form, styrofoam balls and craft wire.  Simply wire a hand-full of greens and curly willow onto the form; repeat until the entire form is filled then wire the pine cones on the wreath. But why stop there when you can add moss covered balls! Yea, I hear you giggling but these are super easy to make. Place a sheet of moss over the ball then wrap wire around it to hold it in place. As with the pine cones, I wired them on the wreath. Make a wire loop on the back of the wreath form to hang and…voila!

Crusty Urn Beauties, Photograph by Thomas MacDonald

For the second project I first inserted floral foam into two crusty old urns then poked curly willow around the perimeter of the urns (next to the rim – making a circle).  I then placed some vintage holiday ornaments of varying sizes into the center of the curly willow and secured the top with wire (think teepee).  I added moss to conceal the foam at the bottom and the wire at the top of the urn. Note to crafter: I purchased the urns and the ornaments at a flea market for a steal! However, you can use any container your heart desires.

Get crackin’ crafters…the holidays season is here!



2 responses to “Curly Willow…the twisted beauty

  1. Cathy Caruso-Huhn

    Gorgeous! I love the elegant simplicity of all of these.

  2. mossy balls.
    honestly, I love them- I think you could put them in a bowl or in a vase too!
    gorgeous as always.

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