The Night Before Christmas

Nestled in the tiny village of Emmaus, Pennsylvania is a charming store called Cottage.  The owners of this shopping treasure, Emma and Heidi, asked if I would design their 2011 holiday windows.  You see, there was a local window decorating contest and the theme was, as you guessed, The Night Before Christmas.  How could I resist the challenge!  The winner receives free ad space in a local publication and a plaque.

Armed with my sketch pad, white paint, glue, props, eco friendly artificial snow, and tons of glitter I set my mind to the task hand.  My kitchen served as the workshop for the creation and well … my house now looks like Katy Perry spent the night.

Last night at 5:00 pm sharp in the center square of Emmaus, with the village Christmas tree towering over us, the winner was announced.  COTTAGE WON!  Hey, it’s a small victory but appreciated nonetheless.

Here are a few pictures of the windows.  Enjoy, Happy Holidays and don’t forget to do your holiday shopping at Cottage!

PS:  On Saturday December 10th from 10 AM to 12 Noon, I will hold my very first trunk show at Cottage featuring my holiday collection of home decor and gifts. Please stop by!

Photos by Andrew Vollo


9 responses to “The Night Before Christmas

  1. Congrats Mark!! 🙂

  2. Mary Colette Trostle

    You will be real famous someday. I just know it. You just keep getting better and better!

  3. Cathy Caruso-Huhn

    Gorgeous!!! Congrats, Mark!

  4. Hi Mark! I so agree with Mary’s statement. One day we can all say “I knew him when”
    The window at Cottage is just beautiful! Love the different textures you used to create a very peaceful winter scene. Please tell the gentleman who took the photos that he did a smashing good job!!!

  5. Congratulations Mark, you are awesome!!

  6. Beautiful!

  7. Lorna Donaldson

    Stunning Mark!! Great job…..

  8. Thank you all for your kind words AND for following my blog!

  9. Mary Colette Trostle

    Hi Mark. I want you to know that I went to the cottage and saw the actual window. Although Andrew’s photos are great and give a good impression, seeing it in person really gives credibility to your genius and talent.That magical scene could be in a storefront window of Saks on 5th Ave. I am not kidding! It is incredible what you do with flea market stuff,antiques, and paper,scissors and paint. I bought a jar of red pepper jelly that I needed for a holiday recipe. I went to the Swain School Holiday Homes Tour and was on my way from Powder Valley i.e. Chestnut Street through Emmaus when I remembered. I hunted the store down and checked it out. I hope to be at your trunk show on Saturday. I just want to call to your attention that the store is handing out flyers that say your show runs from 10 to 3. At the beginning of this site you state the time is 10 to 12. You may want to clarify that so as not to disappoint anybody.

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