Pines in Ties … or something like that

I took a long hard look at my ties and the thought that comes to mind is, ‘what was I thinking!’  Kinda like those black platform shoes and elephant leg bell-bottoms I wore in High School.

'That's hot.'

Where is this going?  I know, I know…I’ll make this short.  Alas those long-forgotten ties have been dissected, cut and sewn into the perfect wrapping for some miniature spruces.  They look better on them than they ever did around my scrawny neck!

Bye ‘fir’ now!

Now to figure out what to do with those shoes…….ideas anyone?


4 responses to “Pines in Ties … or something like that

  1. Ingenious and lovely! Well done!

  2. Mark, this is an absolutely brilliant idea! My husband has so many nice ties that he does not wear or have small pulls. Beautiful.

  3. Oh boy… Mark those are some shoes!! You should most definitely wear them to work. They totally look like work shoes to me. 🙂 as for your firs? Flawless as usual.

  4. You make me smile with every idea you have. The trees are wonderful with their new tie dressing.

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