My Orchids Tie One On


Here’s my latest creation and invention. My friend Joe owns the best Italian restaurant ever called Roma Ristorante. Joe asked for some flowers for his bar so I picked up these stunning orchids and two glass containers. One very large and a smaller vase to fit inside the larger one. Next I scoured Ebay and found 350 wine corks (Ebay is awesome!) I then dumped the corks between the inner and outer containers and in the inner container, repotted the orchids in organic potting medium for orchids.

It’s important to support the flower stems of orchids but I’m not a big fan of the standard stem clips so to continue the theme, I drilled a quarter-inch hole right through a cork then with a razor blade, sliced it in half (on one side only).   It’s important to leave some wiggle room between the stem and the cork and I found that a quarter-inch drill bit was perfect. Then I placed the cork around the stem and stake. Finally, it’s finished off with some string and I topped off the arrangement with moss. Cheers!


7 responses to “My Orchids Tie One On

  1. Love this idea… Very creative!

  2. Brilliant! it just makes me smile.

  3. Mark, did you create drainage holes for both the containers?
    Thank you for sharing this nice idea!

    • Hello and thank you for the comments on my blog! I did not create drainage holes. I find if you use the proper organic orchid potting medium, the plants will thrive. To care for them, once a week place three ice cubes per plant at the base of the plant. Since I have three orchid plants in this creation, once a week I’ll place 9 ice cubes in the container. It’s pretty easy and the flowers last weeks! Good luck and again, many thanks for following my blog!

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