Jackie & Jeff’s Spring Wedding

One of the reasons I love planning and styling weddings is the opportunity to think out of the box and to create unique venues for clients. Fortunately, my clients have allowed a little design craziness. And as expected, some cockamamy ideas require tons of planning and work. With that said, I always wanted to do a live table runner for a table setting instead of the usual fabric table runner. Easy right? Well, this time transforming this thought to reality was a breeze. Take a look at this photo set to see the final result.

Jackie and Jeff’s wedding was set in the tranquil and serene surroundings of the countryside hills and streams of Berks County, Pennsylvania. The simple elegance of the environment set the stage for what turned out to be a beautiful soirée celebrated by everyone.

These gorgeous photos are the work of the talented Miana Jun, from Miana Jun Photo, Brooklyn, New York. And, the delicious organic food was provided by Rodale’s Organic Farm to Table Eatery, Emmaus, Pennsylvania. And, one more shout-out, the beautiful sedum mats I used as the table runner for the celebration dinner was courtesy of Great Garden Plants. Be sure to check out their sites!




6 responses to “Jackie & Jeff’s Spring Wedding

  1. Love the live table runner, it all looked amazing…how do you like using wordpress for your blog? I need a new source as I use my iPad for everything and vistaprint doesn’t support use of the iPad. You are so talented, love your you have beach venues that you have done for weddings? Would love love to see photos

    • HI Debbie and thanks for the note! I love WordPress as the platform for my blog. Easy to use and tons of templates to choose from.

      I have not planned or styled a beach wedding yet but I’m really looking forward to that opportunity some day.


  2. Beautiful as always! You have such a great way of making weddings look casual and comfortable while still a hugely significant and beautiful event. That’s hard to do! Love the photo of your crew as well. 🙂

  3. Hi Mark,
    Love the pictures! Can I ask where in Bucks County this wedding was held? I love the idea of having a wedding outside!

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