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Road Atlas Placemats

My niece, Samantha, is a super artistic nine year-old. Her latest medium is duct tape and she’s cooking up all sorts of clever crafts. Inspired by Samantha I decided to give duct tape a whirl.

I’m always on the lookout for unique objects at sales and flea markets and recently I found a few outdated road atlas books. The individual pages are the perfect size for placemats. Using duct tape and Mod Podge, I easily and quickly created these placemats.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Road Atlas maps
  • Duct tape
  • Mod Podge (Outdoor) glue
  • Foam brush
  • X Acto knife
  • Straight edge ruler
  • Cutting mat

Here’s how you do it:

1. Select pages from the Road Atlas and remove them from the book using an X Acto knife.
2. Completely cover the back of map with duct tape, place the map on a cutting mat then cut any excess tape using a ruler and X Acto knife.


3. Flip the map over and brush a coat of Mod Podge (Outdoor) on the top of the placemat. This will seal and protect the placemat.

4. This next step is optional — after the Mod Podge glue is dry, place a border of tape around the map (see photo of placemat grouping above). This simply gives it a more framed and finished look but it’s not necessary.

5. You’re done!

Oh, we’re not done yet….sorry. If you’re feeling super crafty, you can make a Duct Tape napkin ring too! Simply roll out a piece of tape about 10 inches, fold the tape in half (sticky side to sticky side).  Form a loop by curling one end over and stapling it to the other end. Cut the excess and you’ve got yourself a pretty cool napkin ring.


Happy crafting!