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Repurposed Vintage Spigot Handles

My friend Kate and I found these cool vintage spigot handles at our local antique store. The shapes are so unique that I had to have them — they were inexpensive and the sale was made.


With E-6000 adhesive, I reinvented them as magnets by simply gluing round hardware store magnets on the back of the spigot.


And voila’!


Happy crafting!


Repurposed Jars for the Holidays


As I was cleaning my fridge, I discovered entirely too many spoiled jars of olives, jellies and some other suspicious matter in jars. After cleaning them up and, since I like to recycle in creative ways, I made these holiday jars and filled them with pine scented soy candles. Okay, if you don’t feel like messing with scalding hot wax, you can use the jars for decorative storage or give them as gifts filled with candies or other unique gift items. However, for those brave crafters out there, here’s a link with easy to follow instructions to make candles.

Note to crafters, with the exception of the jars, I purchased all of the project supplies at A.C. Moore (my second home).

Here’s what you’ll need to make the decorative jars.

  • The desire to clean out your fridge
  • Empty jars
  • Craft paint (or spray paint)
  • Brushes (if painting the lids by hand)
  • Miniature trees
  • Adhesive (I used E-6000 Craft Adhesive)

Here’s how ya do it:

  1. Paint the lids with craft or spray paint.
  2. After the paint is dry, glue the miniature trees to the lid.
  3. Your done!

How easy is that!  Probably the most difficult part if this project, for me, was removing the labels from the jars. I found that a good soak in hot soapy water and a little coaxing with a magic eraser, the labels surrendered.

Have fun and happy crafting!

Vintage Film Reel Clock

Happy Friday! Here’s a fun and easy weekend craft using a vintage film reel, a map and a craft store clock movement.

I had this 8mm film reel in its can sitting around for over a year knowing that since its movie days were long gone, I’d reinvent and give it a new life some day. Well, that day arrived this week and crafters, here’s how ya do it.

You’ll need:

  • Film reel (mine is a 5″ diameter reel) – scour your local antique markets or Ebay
  • A clock movement – I used a 3/8″ clock movement from Michaels Craft Store
  • A 1/2″ Forstner drill bit – this bit drills a perfectly round hole and can be purchased at any hardware store. It looks like this.
  • E-6000 Adhesive
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Map or any decorative paper
  • X-Acto Knife

Here’s how ya do it:

  1. Remove the reel from the can and set aside.
  2. Drill a hole in the center of the can base. Eventually you will nest the reel inside of this part of the container.
  3. Determine the diameter of the inside of the can base and cut a circle out of an old map or decorative paper and apply spray adhesive to the back of the paper. Then place it inside the can base. Use an X-Acto knife to cut out the center hole in the paper – the hole you drilled in the can base will serve as your template.
  4. Glue and nest the reel into the can base. Let dry a couple of hours.
  5. Follow the instructions on the clock movement to remove the clock arms. Then, from the back of the can base, insert the clock movement through the back of the can and through the center hole of the reel. Use adhesive to glue the clock movement to the back of the can and let dry.
  6. Reattach the clock movement arms to the movement shaft which is now sticking through the center of the reel. Note to crafters, to give my clock a little pop, I painted mine orange.
  7. Glue the can base to the container lid. Let dry and your done!

It may seem like a lot of steps but this project is easy and fun. Enjoy and happy crafting!

Garden Hose Door Mat

For weeks I have been trying to throw out this very used and very leaky garden hose and the City garbage men refuse to take it! It’s annoying (the garbage men) but then I thought they must be sending me some type of message urging me to repurpose and reinvent this green coiled mess. Yea right.

Anyway, as you can see, I decided to transform the garbage misfit hose into a very useful door mat.

You’ll need:

  • A leaky garden hose.
  • A square dollar store door mat. I bought a square gray door mat for $1 at the local Christmas Tree Shop.
  • E-6000 adhesive at a craft or hardware store. I used three tubes of the stuff for this project.
  • Garden pruners (to cut the garden hose).
  • A strong scissors to cut down the mat.
  • Some heavy garden pots to use as weights to hold down the hose sections while the glue dries. Actually any heavy object will suffice.
  • .75″ x .94″ corks (to seal the cut ends of the hose lengths).

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Place the door mat on a flat surface.
  2. Using the garden pruners, cut a section of the hose so that it creates the outer half circle of the mat. Don’t worry if the ends of the hose hang over the mat…you can trim them off when you’ve finished gluing all of the sections onto the mat.
  3. Place a generous amount of glue on the hose then position it on the mat. Remember, you’re working with the outer half circle first.
  4. Position heavy pots on this first section to keep in place and let dry overnight.
  5. When the first section is dry, simply repeat with all of the remaining cut hose sections to fill in the half circle using heavy objects to hold the sections in place.
  6. When finished and all of the hose sections are dry, cut the ends with the pruners so that they are all the same length.
  7. Glue and insert corks into each of the ends to seal the openings.
  8. Finally, with a scissors cut the door mat base to the half-circle shape you’ve created.
  9. Done!

I feel really great about this project because I’m keeping crap out of the local landfills and this mat is super durable and easily cleaned by hosing it off….ironic isn’t it.  Thank you garbage dudes!

Happy crafting!

River Rock Place Card Holders

You may see a pile of rocks, but I see place card holders (well maybe this time).  Simply place a dab of E-6000 Epoxy (found at craft stores) between two rocks of similar size and let dry overnight.  Remember to leave enough space between the two rocks to hold a piece of paper or leaf.

You can also use some small rocks found in your back yard or pick up a bag at your local craft store. To write my guests’ names on the leaves, I used a white Sharpie pen purchased at Dick Blick Art Materials. Super easy and elegant.

Happy summer and happy crafting!

Repurposed Mint Tins for Baubles & Treasures

Here’s a super easy and super fun project for the whole family! Transform empty mint tins into stylish little keepsake boxes perfect for storing your favorite beach treasures and special trinkets. Or you can tuck tiny little treasure maps inside for a really fun children’s party game. Their uses are endless!

Here’s how you do it. Paint the lids with Liquitex Glossies high-gloss acrylic enamel.  You can find the paint at your local craft store or on-line at Dick Blick. After the paint dries, glue your favorite beach finds or other special baubles to the lids using non-toxic and waterproof, Gorilla Glue, also found at craft stores.

Happy crafting!

Wine Bottle Garden Lanterns

If you’re looking for a fun and crafty way to create unique garden lanterns then you’ll love this project. I’ll show you how to transform empty wine or water bottles into these lovely lanterns. They’re super easy and are sure to impress guests at your next garden shindig.

Here’s what you’ll need.

Note to crafters: I found my bottle cutter on-line at Amazon.com. The rest of the supplies, with the exception of the sticks and bottles, I picked up at my local craft and hardware store.

Probably the most challenging part of this project is removing those darned labels from the bottles. My solution is simple…soak the bottle in dish detergent for at least 2 days and with some coaxing, they come right off.

To cut the glass, simply follow the directions supplied with the bottle cutter. And, don’t forget to wear safety glasses for this project. It’s also important that you file the edges of the cut glass with a glass file.

Using the pocket knife whittle (I love that word) the top of the stick to accommodate the opening of the glass bottle. Place a generous portion of glue on the top of the stick and place the opening of the bottle on the stake and let it dry over night. My adhesive of choice is E-6000.

You can also use the bottom portion of the bottle for a drinking glass or vase.  However, remember to file down the sharp glass edges before use.

All fired up and ready for your guests!

Not only can you put a votive candle inside but also you can fill them with birdseed or flowers. Enjoy your party and happy crafting!