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I’m Back!

Hey crafters! I’m back and super excited to announce the reboot of my craft blog! The last time I dipped into my WordPress blog was 2014. Yikes! Am I clear on what future content will look like? Heck no! Am I excited to create new content. Heck yeah!

I was poking around on my Pinterest analytics page and discovered that my work has generated close to 24k impressions. Who knew! Clearly I didn’t but heres to generating more creations, meeting new friends and amazing crafters. My WordPress site is no exception where I also discovered a slew of followers and visitors patiently waiting for new content. So sorry for slacking off but I promise to fire up the glue gun and get cracking.

As I boldly dip my feet back into the crafting world, let’s start with this old but faithful traffic generating project, ‘It’s All About Air.’ Oh, and don’t forget to check out the ‘how to’ video below. Happy Crafting!


Saturday’s ‘Key’ Project

I have a bunch of vintage keys which had long been retired from their service of locking and unlocking who knows what treasures. So for their tireless years of service, I decided they needed a special place of honor.

I found that an 8″ x 8″ painters’ board flipped on its back made the perfect shadowbox.  The shadowbox was painted a base color of robins egg blue, then I silver-leafed the entire board. After the silver-leaf process, I rubbed off some of the leafing on the edges of the frame so the blue color would be revealed – this step gives the frame a really cool worn/vintage look.    Then I cut decorative paper and glued that within the opening of the shadowbox frame.  Lastly, I glued the keys within the shadowbox.  And……voila!

You can find all of the supplies mentioned above (with the exception of the keys) at your local arts & crafts store.   Scour local flea markets or antique stores (or your drawers) and you’re sure to come across some vintage keys or other unique pieces that deserve to be ‘framed’.  Happy crafting and happy weekend!