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Recycled Wine & Beer Bottle Candles

Welcome to my new line of all natural soy candles! I’m proud of the work that has gone in to carefully cutting the bottles, selecting the fragrances and especially the candle names. You see, the names are inspired from my childhood home, Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. It’s a quiet little village, founded by German settlers, located in the southwest corner of Schuylkill County, just north of the Blue Mountain.

I have a lot of fond memories of Pine Grove so I decided to honor those memories and label the fragrances after the names, lanes and lakes of that sweet little village. There’s actually only one lake but it rhymed, so….

To order one (or several), email me your fragrance selection when you place the order. It’s easy, simply follow the links below.

I hope you enjoy the candles as much as I enjoyed making them!

Recycled Wine Bottle Candles

Fragrances: Marie-Sweet Jasmine Vine; Pine Hill-Fresh Pine; Farm Lane-Lavender; Lorena-Lemon Drop


Recycled Grolsch Beer Bottle Candles

Fragrances: Sweet Arrow-Sandalwood; Lover's Lane-Bergamot; Shoreline-Cool Cucumber; Waterfall-Sage & Citrus



Wine Bottle Garden Lanterns

If you’re looking for a fun and crafty way to create unique garden lanterns then you’ll love this project. I’ll show you how to transform empty wine or water bottles into these lovely lanterns. They’re super easy and are sure to impress guests at your next garden shindig.

Here’s what you’ll need.

Note to crafters: I found my bottle cutter on-line at Amazon.com. The rest of the supplies, with the exception of the sticks and bottles, I picked up at my local craft and hardware store.

Probably the most challenging part of this project is removing those darned labels from the bottles. My solution is simple…soak the bottle in dish detergent for at least 2 days and with some coaxing, they come right off.

To cut the glass, simply follow the directions supplied with the bottle cutter. And, don’t forget to wear safety glasses for this project. It’s also important that you file the edges of the cut glass with a glass file.

Using the pocket knife whittle (I love that word) the top of the stick to accommodate the opening of the glass bottle. Place a generous portion of glue on the top of the stick and place the opening of the bottle on the stake and let it dry over night. My adhesive of choice is E-6000.

You can also use the bottom portion of the bottle for a drinking glass or vase.  However, remember to file down the sharp glass edges before use.

All fired up and ready for your guests!

Not only can you put a votive candle inside but also you can fill them with birdseed or flowers. Enjoy your party and happy crafting!