Do-It-Yourself Concrete Containers

I’ve been reading all kinds of complicated recipes and steps for making cement concrete containers. None of them met MY craft criteria…fast and easy. So I decided to come up with my own fast and easy method. It was so much fun creating these vessels and I know you’ll enjoy the process too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A box of ‘Cement All’ (buy at your local hardware store)
  • Plastic containers of all sizes to serve as molds (check your cupboards crafters!)
  • Something to mix the cement in (I used a large plastic storage box but any large bucket will do)
  • Large spoon or stick to mix the cement (kitchen drawer or your back yard)
  • Cooking spray (your pantry)
  • Water (the hose)
Here’s how ya make them:
  1. Coat the inside of a plastic container with cooking spray then coat the outside of another, smaller sized, plastic container. The smaller obviously will serve as the interior of your vessel. Why the cooking spray you ask? Good question. The cooking spray acts as a mold release agent.
  2. Mix the cement according to the directions on the box. It’s super easy – four parts cement to one part water.
  3. After mixing, add about one inch of cement to your large container. Obviously for larger vessels you’ll want to add more cement for support. Then insert the interior container and rest it securely and centered on top of the cement mixture.
  4. Then pour the remaining cement mixture between the walls of the two containers to the height desired.
  5. Wait an hour and they’re dry! I waited about two hours just to be sure and then I removed the plastic containers.

Even though this project has the potential to be messy (remember, wet cement and cooking spray), the results are very rewarding. As you can see, I took my creations to the next level and made outdoor candles and I am using the other as a vase. I also added a band of silver leaf at the bottom of the pots. Totally not necessary but neither are most of the crafts I concoct..LOL.

Remember, keep it easy, have fun and happy crafting!


2 responses to “Do-It-Yourself Concrete Containers

  1. This is ingenious Mark. I need something heavy to hold citronella candles!

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