River Rock Place Card Holders

You may see a pile of rocks, but I see place card holders (well maybe this time).  Simply place a dab of E-6000 Epoxy (found at craft stores) between two rocks of similar size and let dry overnight.  Remember to leave enough space between the two rocks to hold a piece of paper or leaf.

You can also use some small rocks found in your back yard or pick up a bag at your local craft store. To write my guests’ names on the leaves, I used a white Sharpie pen purchased at Dick Blick Art Materials. Super easy and elegant.

Happy summer and happy crafting!


7 responses to “River Rock Place Card Holders

  1. susan napolitano

    georgeous as usual!!!

  2. clever funky!! Look’s like I have a seat at that table!! 🙂

  3. I’m not a crafts person but I’m liking everything at the risk of being only like-happy. To be honest, I barely even browse through the text — the ideas alone are worthy of superlikes, not to mention the pictures! Our world is more beautiful because of people like you.

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